Easter Egg Hunt on Steemit.com

I am re-writing the Hollowmen story in part because I hit a road block with the way I was writing it. I went off my outline, and as a result painted my self into a corner… That has been corrected.

Here where the Easter Egg Hunt comes in… Inside all my stories, I hide hidden messages, quotes, phrases, or what not connected to something else. It might be a quote from a favorite book, or movie, or something else. If you find them, you should mention it in the comments on steemit.com under the post where you find it. I will intern reward you by including a character you create in a future post. (Don’t hate me if your character dies shortly there after, ends up being one of the bad guys etc), you get to name the character, give a basic description including name, sex, occupation, background… what ever works. The character might show up in Hollowmen, or in a different story in the same universe. (See: TOC)

You can even suggest (By email don’t give it away) some future Easter Eggs to include in my stories.

Now some more important news on Hollowmen….

Hollowmen is only one story thread, there are more coming. This sub-domain will report on how I am doing within this thread only, the other thread such as “The Light”, is another which can be followed as it’s own story… but they all take place in the same universe, so there is a lot of cross over between the stories.

Currently Hollowmen is only one of three sets of stories in the Rings of Fire series. The Light is one of as yet unknown set of stories in the Origin Series. Each set, and each series are being written in tandem because they all follow a secret outline that I have set up for the final story… which will be published in real life.

I am doing it this way in part for fun, I like to see if anyone can find the easter eggs, and also to finance the final book while I write it.

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